Rotating Menu

See bottom of “Bakery” page for each week’s specific offerings, but this list provides a sample of what has been offered and will probably resurface again! Each week is different. I try to offer Sourdough and Breakfast Cookies consistently. Other items like Biscotti, Cupcakes or Burger Buns rotate in every 2-3 weeks. Questions? Just ask! 🙂
* subject to change based on ingredient availability, etc

All bakery items include instruction for storage, reheating, etc.
Most freeze exceptionally well.

I deliver to Darien once a month… reach out to participate.

Bakery Item Assortment – but there’s always something new on the horizon!!

Flavored Artisan Loaf (V)
Flavors will vary…. but will include Roasted Garlic, Seeded, Sun-dried Tomato, etc.

Burger Buns
(nut free, +egg) 
Soft, but low moisture. Exactly what a bun should be! Great for breakfast sandwiches too!

Cinnamon Rolls
(dairy & nut free, + egg) 
Reheat deliciously in microwave, with steam… (directions and glaze included!)

Biscotti Triple Almond
(+egg, +nuts)
Traditional crunch and texture! Amaretto, whole almonds and almond extract. Excellent with a latte or sweet after dinner drink. OR try Peach & pecans!

Alternating flavors… peanut butter, chocolate chip, lemon, etc.

Sourdough Baguette (V)
Naturally leavened with a slight sourdough tang. Can be reheated – whole loaf – for that Just Baked experience, or steamed in microwave or on stovetop slice-by-slice! *Try to offer these weekly!

Mini Cheddar Biscuits
Fun-sized cheddar biscuits.  You may eat the entire bag before you get home!

Cupcakes (V)
*some flavors +nuts
Flavors will vary: carrot cake, chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin, seasonal options, etc. Frosted with varying buttercreams.

Herb Parm Twists
A soft, flavorful roll topped with Hemp Parmesan or pesto! Delightful!

Breakfast Cookies
Grain free greatness to start your day! Alternating flavors… some with chocolate chips, some with dried fruit. All delicious!

A true crumbly scone experience. Always peach, if it’s in season, then we will move to apple, berry and other fruit options!

Donuts (GF/V)
Cake donuts, not fried.
Chai: cinnamon and hints of cardamom & vanilla. 
Double chocolate: soft cake donut with chocolate chips
Apple Cider, vanilla and more!

Spongy & sweet blueberry muffins, fall flavored options too.

Many other items will cycle in! Burger buns, cheddar mini biscuits, veggie quiches, specialty cookies, DIY “bakery boxes” and lots of other treats that catch my eye and imagination!

ALL bakery items are gluten free and made fresh to order each week!