I’ve been “Kibby” for nearly 25 years. A fun nickname from my twin baby niece & nephew evolved into a way of Life, and now I’d like to share it with you!

I’m so many things professionally right now…. Food Witch. Entrepreneur. Hostess. Writer. Coach. Hostess. Plant Lover. Barefoot Optimist. Island Dreamer. Choosing is exhausting, so I don’t!

Over the years, I’ve learned to trust my gut and transform situations into what feels right and joyful for me regardless of what anyone else might think!

I’d love to help you do the same in your Life. Maybe I can partner with you via baking, coaching, sharing, laughing. Who knows? Let’s find out!

What people say…

“Loved having an accountability partner. Appreciated the redirects when needed. And the insights shared.

My favorite question asked was: ‘Why is that important?'”

Julie, Approach Coach client

“I stumbled upon Kimberley in my third trimester and am so glad I did… Specifically, it was great for lowering my stress and anxiety, decreasing swelling in feet/ankles, better sleep, and managing aches and pains. Not only did she help me experience a more pleasant pregnancy.

Reflexology and her calming spirit helped me to relax…”

Michelle, Reflexology client

“We’ve enjoyed Kimberley’s goods for years. The flavors and textures are wonderful!  Her recipes make it hard to tell that it’s gluten free and plant based. Simply delicious. With Kimberley in our lives, it makes living with Celiac Disease so much better!”

Steve & Melissa, bakery customers

Let’s connect!