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souper procrastination

Apparently I don’t blog in the summer! Sorry about that. Not sure if anyone was counting on my inspiring words, but hopefully you also follow me on Instagram and Facebook, so you got something! It’s a little past the full moon and our son has been back at campus a full week now. My husbandContinue reading “souper procrastination”


I’m exploring a new activity to help my body. The general concept of this new activity is that it helps repattern your muscle memory via the somatic nervous system. It’s essentially a moving meditation while mixing up the muscles. Very cool. It’s called Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY). The technical definition is “The somatic nervous systemContinue reading “repatterning.”

simple joy

This past Tuesday, a customer told me “You changed my life!” and went on to explain that a clever little hack I shared for warming gluten-free cinnamon rolls had changed EVERYTHING for her! She shared that she used it for bread and other GF foods that used to go stiff or gummy when she heated. HerContinue reading “simple joy”


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Hi, I’m Kibby, aka Kimberley, depending on my mood and with whom I’m speaking.

I’m a recovered professional. Previously a manager in several industries & organizations and then a small business owner. I chose to become the full-time Master of my Own Destiny in 2021.

Pictured with me is my partner in crime, sidekick and husband, Ian. We were in Colorado in July 2021 and it’s the day we found our new lakeside home…. in coastal Georgia. Yep. You read correctly. That’s how our Life works, and we’ve learned we’re just along for the ride!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can help you in some way. Just ask!

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