I’m a Holistic Coach… Together we tackle The Whole Life. I can be an Approach Coach and support you as you work through a particular event or we can partner for all the ongoing stuff that Life throws at us.

But I don’t want to say I’m a “Life Coach”. I’m not.

I’m not here for the rest of your Life. I’m a partner for how you approach NOW, or “this portion of the Life Journey”, not its entirety. Like a medical professional, I’m here to help you tackle a specific challenge and/or guide you as you assess your overall well-being. We all face tasks and circumstances that require us to alter the way we approach the situation.

As an Approach Coach, I support you as you shift your plan to handle a circumstance or life in general! I liken it to you needing to go on a road trip and are in need of a confident & capable sidekick. We connect, discuss & strategize your overall approach with emotions, perceptions, goals and actions. We calculate what is currently in the way and forecast what could run future interference. For me, the amusing part of this process is that generally what might cause problems for you IS you! We can handle that, together!

I earned a certificate of Holistic Life Coaching in 2021 via the Holistic Coach Training Institute in Jacksonville, FL., but I’ve been at this for decades as a confident and successful manager and mentor.

Approach Coach options:

PARTNERSHIP – Let’s work on a project!
Three 45-min sessions – $150
(must be used within 90 days of purchase)

ONE & DONE – Let’s tackle a single target, project or event!
One 90-min session – $120 Reach out to book a session or a quick complimentary exploratory chat

Let’s get this started! Reach out to book a session or a quick complimentary exploratory chat with me!