This is a republish of my Jan 16th post. A snafu occurred and rather than spend precious time seeking the answer, which is irrelevant to me lest it happens again, I’ve just republished. Maybe you missed it the first time…?

I wasn’t going to write about this date, but my mind can’t get off the subject. Keeps wandering back to it and centering things around it today. So, I think the best way to move on is to move through it.

It’s not a bad date.
It’s not a good date.
It’s an extraordinarily special date worth acknowledging.

One year ago was my last operating day at the business I created. The Green Spork. I don’t name it very often, as my relationship with it has transformed, and it has changed a lot over the last 12-months. The new owner held true to gluten free, but whereas I was a gluten intolerant baker whose quest was the perfect bread, cupcake or cookie so that I COULD EAT THEM… the new owner’s quest is fewer baked good benchmarks and more food and meals. That’s cool. To each their own. I got to walk away and let go. I created a vibrant and dynamic business and then sold it (amidst a pandemic!). Mark that off my bucket list!

I’ve recently launched baking for the public via my cottage food bakery in my grand kitchen overlooking the lake (pictured, unstaged & messy a bit). Every day finds me full of gratitude and joy, two states of mind that I was severely lacking in the end as the business sale wrapped up. Now, I get to bake with the most amazing view, and then I get to ride my bike to the beach. I deliver goods to a local market and get to meet my customers and talk to them (something I was unable to do at the business as we were so busy!) Life is balanced and positive. Pinch me.

Like many people, the pandemic threw my life into a tizzy and I was so thankful for the closure that this date provided. So much chaos and strife ended with the business transaction and my life in the following months exploded intermittently with up/down fabulousness till it found a steady vibe of very very good & happy.  There was much healing that had to be done over this last year. Physical and emotional pains to be soothed. Mental exhaustion and anguish to fall away. We had to let go and bid farewell to many plans that were decimated by the pandemic. A transition of acceptance for what could have been, which was not. But so many great things exploded this last year as we repeatedly trusted our hearts & guts and made wonderful decisions. We got out of our own way and just let it all evolve at the pace it wanted to! What a ride!

We sold our house and moved to St Simons Island. Then bought another house and kept the first as a long term rental. Created an Airbnb apartment in our new lakeside home, so we can share this location with as many people as we can. I explored more reflexology training, earning a few more Continuing Education credits. I enrolled in a certificate program for Holistic Life Coaching, all the while learning to better coach myself and my family. I launched my cottage food bakery. I formed partnerships, friendships and alliances. I left some relationships and emotions behind that were no longer serving me well. We charted DIY projects and learned to live amongst the rubble, slowing and happily finding our way.

Things keep growing and evolving and that’s awesome! I have so many pokers in the fire right now, but nothing that will become center stage and dominate. It’s all about complimentary activities and growth. Balance and forward momentum, no matter how incremental it may feel some days when I’m digging my toes into the warm sand. There’s importance in that too.

Who knows what my life will look like in a year, but this seems like a pretty great date to commemorate and celebrate annually! It’s a date to say I AM DOING FABULOUS AND I HOPE YOU ARE TOO! And sometimes I’m not, and that’s OK too. We survive and thrive and then lose ground, then scramble back up and dance forward again.

“Life’s a dance you learn as you go.
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.
Don’t worry about what you don’t know.
Life’s a dance you learn as you go.”
– John Michael Montgomery

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