I loathe having my photo taken


That’s a link (above) to a gorgeous magazine in Richmond Hill, GA called “Reflections”. It was an amazing issue that truly launched my tiny, funky & alternative business and helped give it legs in its young stage.

But I hate taking pictures. Of me. I guess I should say “I loathe having my photo taken.” That’s the correct statement. Unless I’ve had a couple cocktails, and then pictures are FUN!

I love taking pictures of family, pets and nature. But someone taking my picture really chaps my hide. The posing. The wondering if I’m going to look smart/pretty/capable/fat in the pictures. HA! But Michelle, the photographer for these TWO photo shoots (there were two articles about me & my business in the same magazine issue!), made it feel good. We had fun. Laughed. Glorified my creations and my business. She made it all about my BUSINESS that I conceptualized and launched, rather than just me, but I still had to be in a picture. Whatever. I liked to hide in the back of the bakery and listen to the buzz of the customers and staff. Not be front and center. It was about the soul of the business, not my ego.

And here I am, four years later, launching tiny offshoots of businesses. Being transparent and oh-so-vulnerable again. That’s what you do when you launch a business. You humbly expose yourself to the world and say “I have something great to share with you!” Slowly, the interest builds. Doubt can’t live here in the fledgling stage. Confidence and belief in one’s ideas and offerings MUST lead the show!

These days I’ve decided that an eclectic assortment of interests is my jam, rather than putting all my eggs in one big precarious basket. I wear lots of hats, literally and figuratively. But it keeps me balanced, and balanced & centered is where I do my best work for others! I love tackling what suits my mood and being able to scatter my interests around like pixie dust, hoping to get some on everyone!

I’m posting this so you can read the magazine articles. I hope you’ll enjoy knowing what I did! There are some recipes in there too! Let’s celebrate! This was a pretty cool accomplishment. I have much gratitude that someone documented it in a very official way for me. The publisher came in for lunch one day in near the beginning. She was curious about me and my “Why”. The rest is history. I will be eternally grateful that she was curious about someone so different from her. I will forever cherish these articles, , even though the photo shoots were almost as bad as an experience as getting my teeth cleaned! I’ll post another one soon from five years ago that highlights my first step into cottage food baking. Who know I’d be back?!

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day, but you’ll be really tired!”

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