humble biscotti

“The word biscotti is derived from the Latin biscoctus, meaning twice baked or cooked: The dough is formed into logs, baked, cooled and baked again… The biscotti found in stylish cafes today have utterly common origins. The first biscotti, often referred to as Biscotti di Prato, were created in 14th-century Tuscany in the city of Prato and were made from almonds, which were abundant in the region. Because the second baking drew moisture out of the biscuit, it rendered the biscotti hard, sturdy and, importantly, resistant to mold. Consequently, biscotti turned out to be the ideal food to store.” (NPR)

I’m in #glutenfree Biscotti Heaven today…. The kitchen is saturated with the sweet scent of almond and my second coffee is the happy sidekick to my biscotti, rather than the other way around. Transports me to the farmers market in #Pontesieve, #Tuscany, where I first learned to appreciate biscotti. Many years ago. But then came the #glutenintolerance for me. So sad. More sad than yesterday.

We ran out of biscotti!

My husband graciously offered me the last one. What a good man. But he nearly cried. So I vowed to never again run out of his favorite of my inventions! But then a customer reached out about “any baked goods available this weekend?” 

So I tackled baking two time-intensive batches.

Then the tenants texted “Water is back on floor. Definitely a leak. Shut the water off.” So I sent biscotti with him for them, as a thank you for being vigilant – the water issue has been going on for 24-hours.

He shook his head at me. So now I’m plotting more tomorrow. We have a friend staying for a week on Monday, and he is quietly muttering about having to share.(He’s going to have to learn how to bake them, or I’m going to have to launch a commercial #glutenfreebiscotti company! Reality is the latter….LOL!)

NPR writes:

#biscotti #cottagefoodbakery #stsimonsisland #goldenisles #sharejoy #sharebiscotti #foodislife #glutenfreebaking 

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