souper procrastination

Apparently I don’t blog in the summer! Sorry about that. Not sure if anyone was counting on my inspiring words, but hopefully you also follow me on Instagram and Facebook, so you got something!

It’s a little past the full moon and our son has been back at campus a full week now. My husband returned from traveling Thursday night. Life is grasping at normal, not desperately, but this morning I felt our rhythm returning. It feels natural and relaxed, as it should. Our “work week” is Saturday afternoon through Tuesday, so I’m working, or am supposed to be. I had to make our meal for the day and I’m sharing as it makes me so dang happy with each spoonful! I’m going in for seconds when I finish this post!

Those who know me know I’m a rule breaker. I never follow someone else’s recipe the first go around. I’m immediately subbing veggies or increasing garlic or other spices. It’s what I do! Today my rebel ways yielded an amazing soup that is light enough for the 90 degrees outside, even though the clouds and drizzle make me imagine it’s “fall weather” out there! A girl can dream, right? It’s time! Enjoy

THAI VEGGIE SOUP inspired by

The ingredients

1 T coconut oil – if you don’t have this on hand, any veggie oil will work
1 can coconut milk – full fat will yield thicker soup, “lite” will deliver a thinner experience
Whole Vidalia onion, cut in half and thinly sliced – other red or white onions will work too
3 T Thai red curry paste – I used A Taste of Thai
3-4 large cloves garlic, pressed or minced
1 inch of raw ginger – I use a ginger grater tray to get these bits as small as the garlic
2 cups raw broccoli, separated/cut into bite sized pieces
1 large raw zucchini, cut into pieces sized similar to the broccoli
4-6 cups broth – I used a 4-cup mixture of chicken and veggie as it is what I had on hand, but you can also stretch the soup with more broth
1-1 ½ cups roasted bella mushrooms, quartered
2-3 T coconut aminos or soy sauce – I did two and then added a third after tasting
2-3 T maple syrup – I did two and then added a third after tasting.
You can use simple sugar syrup here too, if you have that on hand. *Ooh, I may make some ginger simple syrup for next time, that would also be great in fresh lemonade!
3-4 T lime juice – to your taste, I like a tangy Thai soup
2-3 T chopped cilantro – I keep this fresh and ready to top each soup, rather than mixing in

Warm, prepared white rice.

Protein: If you’re a meat eater, feel free to have some shredded cooked chicken or fish on hand to add when serving. I ate my soup with just veggies, but am adding sautéed Daring Vegan Chicken to my husband’s as he gets really hungry at work!

1. The roasted mushrooms provided that extra “umami” flavor, but I also had them on hand. If you don’t, no worries! I wouldn’t cook raw mushrooms into the soup, but you could also roast them while the soup is simmering.
2. You can swap out the veggies options! Just keep the amounts similar and textures the same. Carrots would work for broccoli, as will cauliflower. Maybe green beans for zucchini, or just another type of squash. Don’t feel fenced in!

Mise en place:
It should be said that I chop as I go. I don’t do the whole “mise en place” (aka chop and prep ahead) thing. You do you and prep ahead if that makes you smile! I should also point out that my style of cooking and baking is KISS – keep it simple, silly! Don’t go stressing or cover-complicating things. Roll with it. Enjoy the journey and you’ll enjoy the result so much more!

The process

Melt coconut oil in soup pot. Add sliced onion. Sauté on medium till soft and flexible, about 5 minutes. Add the curry paste and sauté till fragrant, about 2 minutes. Add garlic and sauté an additional minute. Note: you don’t have to stand and stir, just step away and check back every so often.

Add most of chopped veggies, if you’re ready, or just add what is chopped and toss them around in oil mixture. Turn temp down to low and finish chopping. No pressure. If you got distracted and chopped nothing yet, turn the heat off and leave the pan on it. Finish chopping and add all raw veggies. Add to pot along with a little salt & pepper. Use your standard “I’m cooking veggies” amount. Mind is a large pinch of salt and a few cranks of fresh pepper. Reserve the roasted mushrooms for later.

Once veggies are in, immediately add can of coconut milk to pot and mix around. Then add broth. Mix and turn to high till boiling. Back off the heat to low, just enough to keep a simmer going. Set timer for 5 minutes. This is when I start my rice in the Instant Pot. 

After 5 minutes mix in the chopped mushrooms, aminos and syrup. Stir well and bring to simmer again. Set timer to 10 minutes. 

When simmer is complete, turn heat off but keep pot on burner to keep warm as you apply finishing touches! Mix in lime and taste. 

  • Does it have a sweet & sour type tang? If not, add more syrup or lime juice (this is why I use keep a bottle on hand and not fresh!) 
  • What’s the heat like? Do you need more spice? I add a teaspoon’ish of Momofuku’s Chili Crunch at this point or chili garlic paste. If none of those on hand, mix in a little sriracha, but be mindful of others eating this soup! Maybe let it be an “add if you want” type of spicy?

Have chopped cilantro on hand to top soup. Serve with a scoop of warm rice and soup ladled over top! Definitely great for leftovers, if there is any left! Store rice separately so that it doesn’t absorb all the soup broth!


Did you like this post? I’m considering doing Saturday recipe posts, depending on what I’m making for Ian to take to work!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “souper procrastination

  1. [I figured I should leave my comment here as well as on Facebook!] “Keep it simple, silly!” ⭐️👏 This soup is screaming my name. (Did you hear that, either while making or eating it?!) Thank you. I LOVE a great soup recipe. (But I’m definitely a “mise en place” cook! 😜)


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