found my gift

“We all have gifts…innate gifts. We have to weed out all the other crap and figure out what those are so we can help the world be better….it’s our bit of altruism, even though we get a good feeling back. Some people never find it before they die. I love that you have.”
A smarty friend sent me that kind text, five years ago, after I got to be involved in something amazing & breathtaking on this date! Five years later, I continue to be humbled & in awe of what I’ve stumbled upon in his Life, or rather what stumbled upon me.
I was invited to support a laboring mom with reflexology as she and her husband welcomed their baby girl into this world! I’d nearly finished my reflexology certification course…. And I’d NEVER participated in anything as intimate as that experience. I remember fretting about how it would all go down. I made sure to plan with them, and prep myself intensely, but I remember at one point during my manic preparations I thought “You can’t control anything beyond yourself and your actions. The rest is beyond your control!” And I let go….
I was right.
I left the room right before the birth. That needed to be their time. I remember one of the nurses coming out to the hallway, where I sat on the floor mustering up all the positive vibes I could, to tell me that Annie had arrived. The nurse said it was one of the quickest deliveries she’d ever seen. Maybe the reflexology helped? Maybe that mom is just a superwoman. We will never know for sure, but I’m sure thankful that I was a part of it all!
My reflexology space overlooking the lake at our new home should be ready in a couple of weeks! The hang up is getting the bathroom complete!! (Jackhammering scheduled for Thursday!) Here’s hoping!! 🤞


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