seeking & sharing balance

I’m a picture taker. So many quick adventures turn into me capturing colors, textures and uniqueness. This beautiful table was outside Amaya Natural Therapeutics in Durango, Colorado.

My husband and I kicked off our ten day trip with a morning spent rotating through soaking in the hot tub, cold plunges and sauna snoozes, followed by massages. Bliss. The bliss stemmed from the balance we felt and the permission we gave ourselves to just let go and be in the moments. No phones. Mindful conversation. And gratitude. It was wonderful.

I feel so appreciative that we give weight and importance to moments like that morning. We’ve learned to slow down and truly value the Be-ing.

Recently our son came home from university. He’d been gone for two months and came home tightly wound. He seemed unhappy and confrontational. Not the smiley boy I’d left at college nearly 3 months ago. He acknowledged his present state, but didn’t understand it. I asked permission (in the way that mothers don’t but do) to evaluate his chakras.

I used a chakra pendant and placed it over each chakra to observe the rotation. I noticed his heart chakra (which is normally very vibrant) was spinning slowly and hesitantly jerky in a counterclockwise motion. I excused myself to go get my wooden bowl of crystals and he said “Oh it must be bad, she’s getting the crystals!” (Humor is how we deflect serious situations, and he knew his brokenness was serious.)

I placed a few crystals on his crown, heart and sacral chakras. I sat quietly with him while he walked himself through rainbow color mediation for five minutes, then left him for a few more minutes. Upon returning, I used the pendant again and visibly showed him that everything was flowing strongly and positively.

He has been exposed to chakras and crystals and other “woo hoo” things for nearly all of his life! I truly believe that this makes him so much more accepting of alternative practices and beliefs. He has strong appreciation for what I share with him and that is such a joyful experience for me, both as his mommy and as a healer.

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