my little bakery

No long thoughtful blog post this week, as I’m finalizing the bakery launch with breathless anticipation that the inspectors will actually finalize my cottage food license this week! This massive feat will mean that I can open for production and sales on December 6th!

So I’ll leave you with this quote and the photo of my delicious lemon snowballs…. a gluten free, plant based treat that contains a secret ingredient that will blow your mind!

“If you’re always trying to be normal,
you’ll never know how amazing you can be!”
– Maya Angelou

4 thoughts on “my little bakery

    1. Hi Richard! I’d love to bake for yoU! I actually don’t have a mailing list. I intend to update website with a new menu each Wednesday and rely on customers to check back 🙂 I also have Instagram and Facebook pages, that I will announce NEW MENU on when I post. Thanks for your interest!


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