barefoot optimism

I say I’m a Barefoot Optimist. What does that mean?

For me, the physical explanation is that we humans need to connect with the Earth and I believe this down to my toes. We need to ground daily with our feet bare in the grass, sand or soil. We need to reciprocate our energy exchange with Mother Nature and allow the toxicity leech away! 

I learned this concept of active earthing/grounding from a massage therapist and life-long friend on a fairly traumatic day for me several years ago. One day at the beginning of my reflexology training, I’d absorbed much toxicity from a client and hadn’t yet learned how to allow it to pass through me. I was frantic. It was as though I’d been filled up with hot black tar. I felt consumed by burden and upset, but the client felt amazing! When the client left, I called my friend desperately seeking guidance on what to do. She urgently instructed me to strip off my shoes, stand with my bare feet in the cool grass and visualize the “black tar” draining from my body back into the ground, where Mother Nature knows how to handle it. The exercise worked! To this day, I’ve taught friends, coworkers, and clients to actively use this practice both reactively and proactively as we all encounter uninvited negativity every day. 

The mental and emotional side of being a Barefoot Optimist is believing that we should live transparently and honestly. I seek a world filled with humble open exchange and sharing of our souls’ truths with each other. I try to visualize this world often and it feels beautiful in my mind. If we all chose this approach, it’d take quite an adjustment to release habits of judgment, assumptions, and taking things personally, but eventually, we’d live in a much more joyful world for sure! So, I lead with being the change I’d like to see in this world. Funnily enough, my openness and directness often take others by surprise, but I’ve witnessed people becoming accustomed to my behavior and then slowly adopting it for themselves when they relate with me. The reciprocity of these exchanges feel amazing to each of us!

The “optimist” side of my self-given title is just that. For nearly 30 years, I’ve let optimism drive my existence. Years ago, when my young world was ripped apart by a major relationship infraction, I secluded myself for days with an incredible book directing my transition to leave negativity behind, and emerged from my 3-day seclusion like a butterfly from metamorphosis! The only time I’ve looked back at that catastrophic event is to give gratitude for the pain and suffering that ignited my transformation. I’ve continued my quest for positivity throughout my life, as it feels much more comfortable than negative drama. I believe that when we expect good things to happen, they do! And when we experience a hiccup in the flow… well, then we should adjust the course and navigate accordingly, because with positive belief at the helm anything is possible in this moving target circumstance called life!

I’m here to share these methods and beliefs via approach coaching. Please reach out if you’d like to see if I can support you as you navigate a perspective shift!

PS The photo is of my kitty, Sounder. She loves her plant perch and is a joyful soul who is unconditionally kind and sweet.

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