If you’re a mainstream, conventional person, “flow” is a word you hear tossed around by yoga instructors and “New Age” hippie types. You may eyeroll or accept it when you hear it, but do you actually understand what it means?

Let me share my definition.

Flow is rolling with the punches. It’s allowing things to effortlessly proceed. It’s fluid physical or mental movement. It’s a steady stream of thoughts or consciousness. Flow is not getting in your own way, and also effortlessly circumnavigating the roadblocks of life. It’s accepting hiccups and unconsciously bridging gaps. Flow is like a river, but you are both the river and the one riding the stream.

This picture is of me 100% in flow.

I went for a haircut. 

It started raining while I was inside. A big rain storm with heavy, invasive drops of cold water. I was wearing my leather Birkenstocks. As I was checking out, I glanced out the window and exclaimed, “It’s raining! Aww, man!” My tone was mild annoyance, but my mind was immediately deciding that I could carry my precious leather shoes and enjoy the puddles as I hustled to the car!

My stylist reached to the floor behind a corner chair and said, “Do you want this? It’s been here for months!”

An umbrella!

I graciously accepted, mumbling something about bringing it back or paying it forward, which I will do by leaving in my Airbnb guest space.

I walked slowly to my car, breathing in the smell of rain, listening to the splashes in the puddles and pausing to take this picture. It felt like bliss. Flow is beautiful to experience.

When did you last have flow in your life? Was it momentary, or did you linger? Do you seek flow in your life?

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