gluten free eating.

I’m enjoying meeting all of my new customers here on St Simons Island!

I love hearing your stories about your WHY (your inspiration for eating gluten free!) Many of you are veterans, but I’m also meeting quite a few who are new to this journey. I’m often asked the question: “How long until I feel better?”

Well. That depends….

Note: I’m not a doctor and I am also never going to profess to be knowledgeable beyond my own personal experience. I’m not trained in health beyond being an alternative health practitioner (reflexologist) and I am a self-taught baker who went gluten free a decade ago with the guidance of my naturopath, not just on a whim.

So with all of that noted information in mind, let me share an article I found today while finalizing some research for a business meeting.

This article contains a lot of informative links. I even learned a few things! But the message about “the timeline” is clear: everyone is different, just like everyone’s reactions to gluten are different. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You are on your own personal journey. You may feel great in four days, four weeks or four months! You may identify other food triggers along the way that impede your progress to that destination of “feeling better!”

Don’t give up and ENJOY THE JOURNEY while not obsessing on the final destination!

Cherish your wins. Mourn your losses. There’s going to be many of both! I’m here if you need moral support! Nothing wrong with sending me an email asking for support or celebration. I’m great at both, especially because I’ve been at a similar crossroads to where you’re at and more than once at that!

Good luck!


All of this being said, I think we may need to start a “gluten free eaters” club here on the island! It’d be a fun way to meet new people who are experiencing similar challenges with navigating avoiding gluten out there in the Food World, and it might be a cool place to trade tips and ideas.

Thoughts? Shoot me an email or comment if you think you’d like to join up…..

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