simple joy

This past Tuesday, a customer told me “You changed my life!” and went on to explain that a clever little hack I shared for warming gluten-free cinnamon rolls had changed EVERYTHING for her! She shared that she used it for bread and other GF foods that used to go stiff or gummy when she heated. Her happiness was tangible. I loved that.

Such simple joy.

Boy, did I need to hear her full exuberance! My cup ran very empty this last week with the loss of a very special member of our family – my sweet dog, Brittany – and her happiness refilled my cup to a state of “overfloweth”! Her choosing to share her simple delight absolutely righted my ship.

Got me thinking about how much we do/don’t share with each other, from little bits of joy or humor to big sorrows or challenges. So often people try to “put on a brave face” or don’t share the accomplishments for fear of being perceived as “bragging”. Why has our culture conditioned away openness and transparency?

I am an open book. That phrase is funny. Think about it. The book is open, but you still must turn the pages. 

That’s me. All the info you could ever want to know (and some you don’t) is right here, just ask. I don’t lie. I don’t tell half-truths. Note: I will evade complete honesty if it’s going to hurt someone, but even then, I still try to get at the root information, perhaps dodging the part that could cause injury.

Are you living out LOUD?
Can your truth assist someone else with processing theirs? 
Could your openness about your hurt help another broken human? 
Would sharing your happiness about an accomplishment inspire others?
Will your honesty about your shortcomings allow a friend to console you?

One evening in early January, the doorbell rang and my son opened the door to find this beautiful card on our doorstep. 

It reads:
“Hey Stranger! You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but sometimes it’s good to receive fondness from someone you don’t know. Life can suck, but that’s what makes it so great sometimes. You are great, and you need to keep doing you. Thank you for being here. To many great memories ahead of us in the new year. i love you – anonymous”

Wow, talk about sharing your truth with intention! My heart feels so good when I re-read these words and think about the stranger, writing the kind note and then sneaking away in the darkness. So much better than “Ding Dong Ditch”! My son and his friend both thought it was awesome.

Please speak and share with honesty. I’m here if you want to practice on someone you don’t know very well before going at large with it all! The world is a better place with you in it – with all your glory and all your gory! 

Thanks for reading.

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