I’m exploring a new activity to help my body.

The general concept of this new activity is that it helps repattern your muscle memory via the somatic nervous system. It’s essentially a moving meditation while mixing up the muscles. Very cool. It’s called Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY). The technical definition is “The somatic nervous system is a component of the peripheral nervous system associated with the voluntary control of the body movements via the use of skeletal muscles. 

I’m drawn daily to these gentle movements because I’m experiencing the benefits first-hand. I’m experiencing a wider range of motion in my neck (I’m finally recovering from decades old, untreated whiplash injury) and my back is feeling revitalized, flexible and nearly pain free. My husband (who struggles immensely with back pain) is experiencing the same positive reactions to GSY, and his reaction validates it all for me! This something big! A yogi friend suggested I explore GSY as a compliment for my reflexology practice, and she was definitely correct in assuming that I’d enjoy it! I’m sold, although only a week in. I need to see if it will stick. If it does, then I’m going to pursue my certification! Yay for more learning and repatterning!

Repatterning is challenging for many of us, and despite my familiarity with adjusting to new circumstances, I’m still horrible at intentionally introducing new habits and making sure they stick around! Many of us suffer from the same challenge, which is why we get stuck in ruts that we know are bad for us: eating patterns, habits with technology, toxic relationships, lack of exercise… the list for many of us goes on and on. Intentionally repatterning our lives is tough, but so worth it! 

I’m working on self-awareness right now. Trying to sense what I need and delivery it to myself in a timely fashion. Every day is different.

This flexible life of working from home suits change & flexibility, but my mind has violently resisted repatterning. I stay very busy. My days are filled as I manage our Airbnb, run my little bakery, write, offer coaching & reflexology; and it all allows for varied patterns every day. I’ve let go of trying to wrangle a predictable schedule and rather have embraced the goofiness of each day! This took over a year! I’m finally embracing my eclectic days and am turning it all up on end by grabbing opportunities as they arise.

For example, this morning my back felt tight after the spontaneous long beach walk yesterday, so I tackled a GSY session before showering. This was after icing my back for 10 minutes while I ate breakfast and watched a bit of a TV show. Other than the meal, these are things I rarely do in the morning. It all felt comfortable, and the TV was a fun distraction since was too humid to sit out by lake after last night’s storm. I’m not going to say that on Mondays this will be my new plan, but rather I’ll continue to embrace activities as they come, always being mindful of my personal goals of balance, health & joy. As you read about my morning, you might think that it sounds unremarkable, but everyone is different and easing myself into healthy habits with no set schedule is remarkable to me!

I’m a week into this new repatterning. 

A month ago, I repatterned my relationship with spontaneous exercise, and am intentionally working it into my days. Each day I’ve been carving out time for beach walks, long bike rides and evening strolls through my neighborhood after dinner, if I’ve missed an hour of movement during the day. I’ve adopted a no excuses relationship with movement, and it feels so great! I’m (finally) so appreciative of this phase of life and the flexibility it affords me! As I type that, I realize just how hard I’ve worked this last year to become comfortable with this wacky non-conforming schedule of mine in which my spouse works Saturday – Monday nights! As I reflect, I easily amuse myself with how much I’ve resisted this! My repatterning is ongoing, but the mindset has finally shifted. Crazy how much interference we run on ourselves. The mind is powerful and OH BOY does it dig repetition and negativity! I’m so glad I’m breaking free!

What do you need to repattern? Muscles? General health? Self-talk? A relationship? Home schedule?

Can I support you somehow with your efforts?

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